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All the countries need a shared defence budget as they try to defend their own.
The military arms cost has been increasing with countries and nations losing affluence because of the growth in the defence budgets. There is much poverty in the world as a result.
Now the risk of nuclear war using harmful nuclear weapons and military hardware is increasing.

The new self-defence system I suggest is to defend countries not only with a domestic defence force but also with total cooperation between the countries in our world.All countries should be united and UN forces should work together as a world-defence organization.
Military superpowers can't fight against other united countries.

If we switch from a self-defence system to this world-defence system, each countries defence budget can afford to be cut by 60%.
We can open the way to a bright peaceful future and protect the survival of the human race.


  1. Establish a new UN force which polices the world. Enforce the function and power of the UN force drastically as a supervisor.

  2. Enforce the function and authority of an international court that maintains world order.

  3. If there is a country which deprives other countries lands, kills the nations or damages the country, the UN force will be sent to stop the invasion and restore order immediately. Also if there is a country which tries to deprive the freedom of citizens by killing and making them suffer, the UN force would be sent to restore order and guard the safety of the citizens' lives, freedom and peace. This would apply to all nations and leaders of the country. In this instance they should be punished by an international court.

  4. The cost and manpower of this UN force and the international court should be decided by a discussion and paid for by all the countries in the world depending on each country's capabilities. Necessary manpower will also be sent from each country.

  5. All nuclear weapons and hardware that each country possesses should be discarded, prohibited to make and obtain any more.

I have a strong hope for your political decisions and world discussion. Let us have no fear for nuclear war, recover from poverty and build world peace.
I urge you to make a quick decision and act soon.

Translated by Keiko Goto.
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