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Dear Nations of our world

In recent times the world's defense budgets have been increasing in light of assumed emergency situations.
Therefore countries and nations in the world are losing affluence.
As many countries have harmful nuclear weapons and military hardware, once a nuclear war happens, there'll be an apocalyptic loss of life that will threaten the continued existence of humankind.
I suggest a new defence system. All countries in the world should cut their own defence budget by 60% to retrieve affluence and increase world peace.

[Aims for suggestions]

  1. Remove all wars from the world. Maintain peace at all times.

  2. Increase nation's affluence by cutting the defence budget to a four-tenth (to 40%) of present budget.

  3. Prevent world poverty.

  4. Open the way to a bright future for people and ensure the survival of the human race.

I request your approval and support of all the above and urge you to move them into action.

Yours sincerely,